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Density Functional Theory poll


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Popularity poll density functionals 2014 (DFT2014)

The 2014 edition of the DFT Popularity Poll (#DFT14poll) has been opened.
Please go vote here:

Please note that because of the attempts last year to bias the outcome of the poll through repetitive single-answer entries, we have moved the poll to SurveyMoz. Therefore, people can vote only once.

Primera Divisió 2014

wB97X-D, B2PLYP, B3LYP, B3LYP-D, B3LYP*, B3PW91, B97-D, BHandH, BP86, CAM-B3LYP, HSE, LC-wPBE, LDA, M06-2X, PBE, PBE0 (PBE1PBE), PW91, revPBE, RPA, RPBE

Segona Divisió 2014

APBE, BLYP, DSD-BLYP, DSD-PBEP86, tau-HCTH, LB94, LC-PBE, M05, M05-2X, M06, M06-L, mPW1K, OLYP, PW6B95, PWPB95-D3, revTPSS, revTPSS-D, SAOP, SSB-D, TPSSh

Suggestions (10 slots available in total):
S12g, S12h, MN12L, X, X, X, X, X, X, X