City center
Girona (founded 79 BC) was known in Roman times as Gerunda, and has a picturesque ancient city center with a renowned Jewish quarter. The 'casc antic' with its many small alleys with beautiful staircases has been used for the movie "Perfume".

Every year in May, the city has the Temps de Flors festival where the patios, museums, and parcs are filled with artistic creations with flowers.

The cathedral of Girona combines four different styles (romanesque, gothic, barroque, renaissance), has the widest Gothic nave in the world (the second-widest nave after the St.Peter in Rome), and can be reached from the still intact 'murallas' (city walls). The claustre contains a 11th century tapestry depicting the creation of the world.

My pictures of the city center can be found here.

Girona is located in the north-east part of Catalunya, at ca. 80 km from France, 100 km from Barcelona, 35 km from the sea, and some 200 km from the Pirineos (ski-ing).

It is surrounded by mountains, rivers, and beautiful small villages. In its neighborhood are many centers for ceramica (La Bisbal, Quart, Blanes, Breda).

City center
A selection of my photos from the city center can be found here.
Temps de Flors
Every year in May there is a one-week flower feast in the city center of Girona. All kinds of buildings open their patio's, etc. and have artists create a flower exhibition. In total usually ca. 100 of these places can be found within the area of the city center. An impression of these can be found at the following places: Of course, the best way to enjoy the festival is to come and visit Girona in the first weekend of the feast. See the official TdF website for more details on the next edition.