Training of students to prepare themselves for a successful career in academic life or industry is one of the most challenging and at the same time rewarding experiences. We are always looking for new motivated and talented members of our research group, either to work in my group or visit my lab; please contact me for more information.

Current PhD thesis studies

Frederico Martins
Characterization and prediction of short-lived transition-metal species
Defense: 2023
Supervisor: M. Swart
PhD student (2019-2023)
Lorenzo D'Amore
Dynamical spinning around in chemistry: transition-metals and enzymes
Defense: 2021
Supervisors: Sílvia Osuna, M. Swart
PhD student (2016-2020)

PhD theses supervised

Miguel Angel María-Solano
Computational studies of the conformational landscape of allosteric and enantioselective enzymes

Defense: 12.02.2021
Supervisors: Sílvia Osuna, M. Swart
PhD defense
Filip Vlahovic
Application of methods based on Density Functional Theory, for studying electronic states of aqua- and oxo- first row transition metal complexes

Defense: 17.08.2020
Supervisors: Maja Gruden, M. Swart
PhD defense
Adrià Romero
Computational studies of enzymatic and biomimetic catalysts
Defense: 18.12.2018
Supervisors: Sílvia Osuna, M. Swart
PhD defense

Stepan Stepanovic
Density functional approximations for spin state energetics in transition-metal complexes
Defense: 25.05.2018
Supervisors: Maja Gruden, M. Swart
PhD defense

Abril Castro
Computational study of nuclear magnetic resonance shielding constants
Defense: 17.11.2017
Supervisor: M. Swart
PhD defense

Sílvia Osuna
Theoretical studies of the exohedral reactivity of fullerene compounds
Defense: 26.03.2010
Premi Extraordinari 2011 ·
Supervisors: M. Solà, M. Swart
PhD defense

Mireia Güell
Theoretical studies of systems of biochemical interest containing Fe and Cu transition metals
Defense: 30.07.2009
Premi Extraordinari 2010 ·
Supervisor: M. Solà, J.M. Luis, M. Swart
PhD defense